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Building Your Brand...

It's More Than Just Your Hosting

But we can do that for you

Reliable hosting - email - free domain names - no setup or transfer fees

More Than Just Your Graphic Design

So much more in fact...but we can do that too

Business cards - stationery - brochures - logos - branding - banners & signs - and more

It's more than a collection of images and videos

It's all of these things...and so many more...and now, all under one roof

Portrait - event - product - 360 degree product images - marketing & promo videos

Integrity & Recognition Through Consistency

Bringing everything together in one place

We preserve and enhance your brand integrity and recognition by putting what you need in one place

What Makes Us a Little Different

One Stop

Encompass Media Design is a collection of services and products that is able to offer a one-stop-shop for most of the needs of a business pertaining to web presence, advertising, graphic design, promotional materials, and photographic and video services

Reduced Cost

This “bundle” of services will greatly reduce the overall cost of advertising, branding, and some software related to operations when compared to sourcing these same services from different companies and/or individuals


This approach leads to a more seamless integration and overall better presentation of the company brand because there are not as many different creative services involved from different schools of thought – We are one company with one vision: upward momentum…

Your Website

This is the core of your online presence. Now, more than ever, it may be your first and only contact with your customers. Make it count, because you only have seconds to make an impression and hold your customer’s attention. Encompass Media Design will work with you personally to build a professional and quality site that is going to convert interested visitors into paying customers.

Designing for Customers

Building a successfully converting website is more than just putting a brochure on the internet. You need a developer who is going to take the time to ask the right questions and listen to your needs and do the proper market research — then build with that audience in mind. We’ll work with you to build a site that is going to appeal to and engage your customers and help you build a successful foundation for your business — or make your existing foundation even stronger.


We can customize your new or existing WordPress installation. Do you need extra sections added to a customizer? Additional functionality? Custom forms or data collection? Maybe you just want to customize the look and feel of your site. We’ve got the skills and experience to bring your vision into being.

Recent Projects

Graphic Design

The bottom line is you need to make a solid impact on your customers…fast…and the best way to do that is through visual reinforcement of your ideas and values.

What it is

The combination of symbols, images and text used to represent an idea or message. And when done properly, will be yet another significant reinforcement of your brand identity.

Why it's important

Keeping all your print, web and video ads consistent across all mediums will help boost your recognition in your community as well as in your industry or niche. Your brand becomes more and more recognizable.

Encompass Media Design

Having one company with one goal in mind – your success – will keep you on a steady upward track, building trust and encouraging engagement with your customers for years to come.

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SEO / SEM / PPC / Social Media

We’ll take a thorough inventory and suggest a solid plan of action based on your needs, timeline and budget.


SEO can sometimes make or break you and this process has an overabundance of moving parts. It takes time, dedication, patience, and good market research to do this right and get your company name out there on the front lines. We’ll develop a strategy custom tailored for your business and your long-term goals. Or maybe you need leads and results sooner. In this case you may want to consider a PPC campaign.

Learn More About Poular Optimization and Marketing Options:

Photography and Video

Portrait, event, corporate or products…We just love to take pictures!

Crisp, clear, professionally lit and well composed images can really add depth and boost engagement for your customers. We can either come to you with a fully mobile and professional setup or invite you to book at one of our partner studios for a session.

Video marketing has a major role in today’s marketing plans due to its ability to connect with customers quickly and on a strong emotional level when done properly. This connection engages your viewers and converts them into paying customers. And when viewers find a video really engaging and interesting, they of course tend to share it…enough sharing and it becomes viral, gaining major exposure for the company involved. This, in turn, has a positive impact on search engine results as it is favored by their algorithms.

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Banners and Signs

Low Cost, High Impact Advertising

Even when money is tight and times are tough, a good banner is a smart advertising solution. Low cost and high impact, use these to get your name out there or promote sales and services to win over new customers and retain existing ones.

Vehicle Lettering and Signage

Turn your company or even your personal vehicle into a rolling billboard for your product or business

Another low-cost, high-impact advertising solution. Turn your company vehicle, or vehicles into rolling advertising for your business. Whether it’s lettering or magnetic signage and graphics, Encompass Media Design is there to make it happen.

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Window Lettering

Say it loud and proud with this low cost and highly effective delivery method

Sales, attention grabbing, hours of operation, seasonal promotion, event promotion…all good reasons to go big and say it loud with affordable, high-impact advertising provided by storefront window lettering.

Printed Apparel

Make a lasting and professional statement

Logo shirts, caps, aprons, or just about anything else you can think of…make a professional statement with your printed uniform apparel from Encompass Media Design.

Printed Merchandise

Make a lasting first impression or keep your name in front of your customers all day every day

An excellent chance to make a stylish and professional first impression. You only get once chance, so make it count with quality products like business card holders, clocks, clipboards, and even aluminum business cards!

Stay first in the mind of your customers by staying in their line of sight or in their hand all day every day with printed gifts and other merchandise.

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Contact Us

Contact us about any questions, concerns or comments you may have. We value every opinion and are always happy to hear from our customers!


by Mike Menahem on Blank Business Name
Great Work!

We, at thebidworks.com, wanted to take this opportunity to commend Jeremy Hester for his efforts on our website. He’s gone above and beyond. Jeremy has always been punctual to meetings, he offered a proposal and did what he said he would. He has also gone above and beyond with things like the website’s code and the creation of the videos for the site. My staff and I had gone through a few website designers and web companies as well as hired and fired a couple before finally meeting and agreeing to work with Mr. Hester. He has been proactive and has asked for content and responds to questions and inquiries quickly. In a sea of so many web masters, for us, in the future, on future projects, and the maintenance of thebidworks.com, the choice is Jeremy Hester.

Great Site!

Great Site!   very user friendly!   Simple,  not cluttered,  right to the point...  Mobile device friendly...  I viewed it on my cell phone without turning the phone horizontal...  Everything was clearly visible and easy to read without pinching the screen bigger.   Great job for whoever created it for you!Nice testimonials!

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