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Content marketing is a critical part of SEO because it builds your online brand, has the potential to earn links and boosts your website’s authority. But, most content does not earn links. In a recent study, Buzzsumo analyzed one million articles and found a very low level of engagement—very few shares and three in four posts got zero referring domain links.1 And, a Moz study found that 77.8% of individual pages in the top results had at least one external link from another site.2 Links do matter—which is why Featured News sets your onsite content on a path to get a link from a publishing partner’s website.

We start by writing content for your website that includes facts and information geared for news stories that will be requested by, or pitched to our publishing partners. We keep a database of information and facts that we’ve posted on your website so, when editorially appropriate, we can reference and link to the content on your website.

Local news websites want quality, unique content that’s relevant to current headlines and local news stories. Problem is, they don’t have reliable reporters to cover and write the stories for them. Many are having trouble getting good, unique content for their websites. That’s where we (and you) come in.

We’ve spent countless hours building partnerships with third party, independent websites; most of them are local community news sites. We have proven our worth to our publishing partners and now, many of them routinely come to us for content.

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Featured News: How We Do It
Publishing Partners Every day, we spend hours reaching out to third party, independent website owners and build relationships with those that need reporters to cover breaking news and other stories. We show them our newsroom team and the quality of research and writing our reporters can provide for them on short notice.
Your Website Content Interesting facts are embedded in your onsite content, typically an onsite blog post, in preparation for use in content placed on our publishing partners’ websites.
Database of Facts The facts and information posted on your website are cataloged in a database so we can quickly and easily link from a featured news story to your onsite blog post.

When editorially appropriate, your onsite blog post/content receives a link from a story on a reputable, independent, third party website.


Example Hurricane is heading up the coast, predicted to hit the mid-Atlantic.


Our publishing partner in Washington, DC places a rush order for a story about the approaching hurricane.


Our newsroom staff begins researching the story and checks our database for blog posts that contain relevant information.


The article includes information about hurricane preparedness, with examples of steps property owners can take to minimize hurricane property damage in the future.


A client (window manufacturer/installer) has a blog post about hurricane proof windows. A link to the blog post is editorially appropriate for the article about the hurricane.

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