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Sales Lead Tracking

No More Guesswork…

Features and Benefits of Our Sales Lead Software:

  • Measure the return on your investment in SEO and other marketing campaigns.
  • Track phone calls and online form submissions in real-time.
  • Visually analyze geographic origin of phone calls and web leads. Individual lead details associated with each lead marker.

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  • Campaign medium (SEO, PPC, etc.) automatically identified and added to lead summary.
  • Track individual leads by name, phone number, time of call and website URL.
  • Use lead data to create follow up nurture campaigns.
  • Log in to your dashboard 24/7 to see comprehensive details of leads and campaign progress.
Feature Description

Sales Lead Map


Leads are displayed on a map in your dashboard, providing visual analysis of lead origin.

Green marker = phone call. Blue Marker = web lead

Automated Lead Source ID

Software automatically detects and reports lead source for better ROI insight.


Sales Lead Graph

Monthly web leads and phone calls are displayed on a graph in your dashboard.

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