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Visual Asset – Bring Your Site to Life

A big and important part of our SEO program is the Onsite Blog. This is where you show your customers and prospects that there are real people behind your website.

Your onsite blog brings your website to life. It has more life when you add one-of-a-kind visuals.

For an onsite blog task, we create a Visual Asset—a custom featured image—that references a fact in the blog. The visual asset reinforces your blog in a way that an ordinary stock photo can’t.
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Benefits of Visual Asset:

  • Heightens your blog’s visibility.
  • Promotes sharing and engagement on social media.
  • Creates a cohesive, professional presentation.
  • Helps with outreach to our publishing partners. Publishers prefer to reference great content with a compelling visual.
  • It’s not a stock image! Stock photos are overused and consequently, not nearly as eye-catching and inspiring as an image designed exclusively for your blog.

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